Start Your Own Business

We have successfully developed a business plan printing personalised satin & labels. 

Originally supplying Label Printers only to the business market, we now also supply the printers to small entrepreneurs wanting to enter the niche market of printing personalised satin and kids labels – a market which has grown rapidly in recent years. The printers that we supply have unique features which make them ideally suited for the work from home entrepreneur. 

We realised that the best way to expand operations was to give individuals the opportunity to start their own business and produce personalised satin and labels in their area. This puts the printing process right where it is needed and also allows individuals to set up cost-effective SOHO business supporting their local schools and community. We now have a network of agents throughout Southern Africa. 

Kids Labels 
Parents want to label children's belongings and clothing and schools soon saw the benefit of this and started insisting that all items be labelled. A small business owner can start by setting up a bureau printing the specialised labels required for school children. 

Satin Ribbon 
The printers are so versatile that the same printer can be used to print personalised satin for special occasions. The ribbon can be personalised for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and many other special occasions. Corporate logos can also be printed for local businesses and satin can also be printed for clothing and wash care labels.