Water Bottle Label Applicator

Water Bottle Label Applicator

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The bottle applicator is an affordable semi-automatic label applicator for round bottles.

The benefits of using the label applicator include higher throughput, consistent positioning of the labels, and no fingerprints on transparent labels.
The applicator is very easy to use. The operator simply places the bottle between the rollers, and either presses a switch on the panel or presses a foot switch. The label is then applied, and the operator removes the bottle.
Labels are typically applied within 1 or 2 seconds, depending on the length, and the overall throughput depends largely on the operator.
It can apply labels to a recessed area of a bottle using a custom roller, which is sized to fit the recessed area. An optional paper sensor, which detects the paper thickness allows the use of transparent, or other optically difficult material without having to use a black line on the backing sheet. This reduces the cost of the labels, and allows printing processes which cannot perform double sided printing, to be used

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